Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels Hertford

Chemical Peels are Skin transforming protocols for anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation. Turn back time with the latest in advanced Chemical Peels.

Customisable skin treatments to treat every skin concern including Sun Damage, Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation and Acne Scarring.

We use a multitude of peeling and layering techniques and aesthetic procedures for flawless skin radiance.

Bespoke, corrective and customisable chemical peel treatments for the ultimate in anti-aging skin rejuvenation and maintaining skin health

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Chemical Peels

Anti-ageing Glycolic Peel

A customized peel for either light or medium strength for the removal of superficial skin cell. A good all round chemical peel for improving fine lines and preventing the build up of keratinised horny skin cells. Suitable for dry, mature and oily skin types.

Course of 3 to 6 recommended.

£70 (60 minutes)

Brightening Ascorbic and Tartaric Peel

This duo preparation removes skin cells, activates regeneration and rejuvenation processes.

Ascorbic acid is an antioxidant that protects skin cells against free radicals and delays ageing process, brightens discolouration evening skin tone and  moisturises the skin and optimally increases skin tension.

Tartaric acid reduces fine line and wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, acne, enlarged pores and reduces un-even skin tone.

Course of 3 to 6 recommended.

£70 (60 minutes)

Skin Resurfacing and Smoothing Jessner Peel

A medium depth peel which is a blend of Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Resorcinol.  perfect choice for treating cystic type acne and acne which are resistant to milder chemical peels. Effectively removes discolourations, blemishes and some scarring caused by acne. No need for mechanical or manual extraction of blackheads.

Marked improvement to the clarity of the skin. Enhances collagen synthesis making this a very effective anti-aging treatment to reverse the signs of aging. Suitable for mature-photodamaged skin types and conditions and acne.

Course of 3 to 6 recommended £85 (60 minutes)

Multi Action Anti-inflammatory Peel

Recommended for skin with signs of ageing, loss of firmness, uneven tone and with a tendency to acne. The peel is a mix of four carefully selected acids that provide a wide spectrum of effects. The mix intensively exfoliates the stratum corneum, smooths wrinkles, brightens discolouration, and has anti-inflammatory effects. 

Lactobionic acid – it has a strong soothing and anti-inflammatory effects. Smooths, tones and softens the epidermis. It reduces the visibility of dilated capillaries and their tendency to redden.

Pyrogronic acid – cleanses and reduces seborrhea, eliminates blackheads, accelerates the healing of inflammations. It increases the density of the skin, smoothes wrinkles and closes enlarged pores.

Lactic acid – it hydrates the skin, maintaining the correct level of moisture in the epidermis. Thanks to this effect, the skin is soft, smooth and radiant.

Azelaic acid – it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. Reduces erythema in rosacea, brightens discolouration.

Course of 6 recommended.

£70 (60 minues)

Skin Resurfacing and Correcting TCA Peel

A medium to deep anti-ageing peel used to treat a range of skin problems. This peel reverses the signs of aging, refines, and reduces pore size, scarring and discolouration cause by sun damage.

TCA is not limited to the face so can be used on other parts of the body such as the back (acne), neck and elbows (dry skin).

Course of 3 to 6 recommended. £85 (60minutes)

Deconjesting  Salicylic Peel

Penetrates deep into the pores and dissolves hardened sebum and debris. Salicylics vaso constrictor proporties brings about a squeezing-tightening action clearing blocked pores and comedones. A customisable peel for a light to medium effect. A perfect choice for treating thickened and congested skin.

Course of 3 to 6 recommended.

£70 (60 minutes)

Anti-bacterial Mandelic Peel

It reduces skin inflammation, reduces eruptions including acne lesions. Gentle  exfoliation of dead skin cells, improves skin structure, softens wrinkles and perfectly evens sun tanning discolouration.

Course of 3 o 6 recommended.

£70 (60 minutes)

Hydrating, Lactic, Ferulic and Phytic Peel

For skin with signs of ageing, discolouration, dilated capillaries, as well as for oily and acne skin with enlarged pores. Innovative combination of three acids that have effects on multiple levels with extraordinary properties. The product intensively exfoliates stratum corneum, has anti-ageing effects, shrinks dilated capillaries and brightens discolouration.

Phytic acid – prevents the formation of discolouration and reduces existing ones, brightens and whitens the skin, has a gentle exfoliating effect. Regulates the secretion of sebum and moisturises. Has a firming and smoothing effect on the skin.

Lactic acid – it hydrates the skin, maintaining the correct level of moisture in the epidermis. Thanks to this effect, the skin is soft, smooth and radiant.

Ferulic acid – a powerful antioxidant. It stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen fibres. It has anti-inflammatory effects and reduces erythema and redness. It prevents the formation of discolouration and reduces the existing ones and moisturizes the skin.

Course of 3 o 6 recommended.

£70 (60 minutes)

Clinicare Chemical Peels and Luxury Treatments

Clinicare Glow AHA Peel 30 minutes

Revive tired, uneven and dull looking skin and lighten pigmentation often caused by excessive sun exposure and stress. With enriched Arbutin which effectively targets skin problems such as melasma, age spots and hyper-pigmentation. Low molecular weight HA gives long lasting plumpness and hydration for restored luminosity and skin radiance.


Clinicare Glow Brightening Luxury Peel Facial

The Clinicare Glow Brightening Facial is a brightening facial that specifically targets hyper-pigmentation and evens out skin tone using active ingredients such as Vitamin C, which improves the skin’s natural defences while boosting radiance. A 75 minute luxury treatment with all the elements of a therapeutic spa experience. Revive dull tired skin, reduce age spots and hyper-pigmented skin and sun damage.


Clinicare Pure BHA Peel

An intensely soothing treatment for troubled, sensitive and acne-like skin conditions. Relieves irritation and targets hyperactive sebaceous glands. Low molecular HA together with natural plant extracts provides skin with the moisture it requires for a clearer, healthier looking complexion. Green Tea extract and Witch Hazel to disinfect and repress inflammation through their antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.


Clinicare Pure Luxury Peel Facial

A purely soothing and detoxifying treatment with luxurious elements to reduce bacterial activity and inflammation of acne and acne-like skin problems. 75 minutes away from healthier looking skin.


Clinicare Refresh Peel AHA

For fine lines, wrinkles and rejuvenation.
An anti-aging treatment for combating and preventing signs of aging, smoothing the skin and restoring radiance. Low molecular weigh HA and natural plant extracts provides skin with deep moisture and restores skin tissue damaged by stress and environmental factors. With Peptides and Epidermal Growth Factors for a lifting and tightening effect for smoother, fresher and younger looking skin.

Clinicare Refresh Luxury Peel Facial

Refresh and revive mature, wrinkled and dehydrated skin with skin plumping low molecular HA, Epidermal Growth Factors and Peptides for a more youthful looking skin. 75 minutes of sheer luxury.



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