Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi Permanent Makeup Makeup

Semi-permanent make-up with Gr Aesthetic Beauty in Hertford  work with both the digital and micro-blading methods to produce bespoke semi permanent make-up.
Loosing your eyebrows from over plucking, illness or the menopause can have an impact on how you feel about yourself. Professionally done Semi-permanent make-up can give such a boost to your self confidence.  
Whatever the reason we work with you and the structure of your face to create long lasting eyebrows that you will be proud of.
No more never ending make-up application saving you valuable time and effort.
No two people are the same and their choice of style is unique to them. 

What is included in the cost?

The price of your semi-permanent make-up or micro-blading includes two treatment sessions. 
The second treatment session is to retouch any pigment lost during the healing process and make any minor adjustments.
The second treatment session does not include changing a design/technique previously agreed, however I will use my discretion and amend minor changes within reason. 
Any minor changes to the original, agreed design may require a further retouch which will incur additional charges.
In rare cases the pigment may be rejected or colour changes can occur due to body chemistry; in such cases this is out of my control so there is no guarantee with the outcome nor refund given as work/time would have still been carried out. 
In rare cases client expectations maybe unrealistic and cannot be met so I reserve the right to refuse treatment. 
If correctional work by another practitioner is required this may incur additional charges.  

Healing Process

Directly after your eyebrow procedure your skin will feel sensitive and the depth of colour will appear darker during the healing process.
As healing takes place micro scabs will form and the skin feel slightly rough and raised to the touch.These healing scabs will gradually begin to shed and your tattoo may appear lighter than the original healing colour. This is normal, please be patient and allow for the full healing process of 4 weeks to take place, allowing pigment to form in the upper layers.
During this healing period apply the suggested after care and do not pick or scratch off the healing scabs as this will result in lost or uneven pigment.
Clients often  experience itching during healing which is perfectly normal. To relieve itching just tap the skin…do not scratch.
Keep your cosmetic tattoo dry avoiding contact with water and do not bathe with salt water.
Please ensure you wash and sanitize your hands before applying aftercare cream to avoid infection.

How much?

From £150. Please get in touch with your requirements so we can give you an accurate price


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” Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

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