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What is Spirit Zen Soul Therapy

Spirit Zen Soul Therapy combines holistic therapy, chakra meditation, reiki and mediumship. 

Working with spirit energy to deliver a harmonious wellbeing treatment and pass on spirit messages from those that have passed onto universal energy.



“Live the life you love”

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that aims to open and balance the chakras. When our chakra become blocked with negative energy this can have an impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. 


What is Spirituality?

In short spirituality is about seeking a spiritual connection with something which is bigger than ourselves, which can result in positive emotions and energy, such as  peace, awe, contentment, gratitude and acceptance. 

What is positive energy?

Positive energy refers to an attitude that is encouraging, productive and beneficial. People who exhibit this positive energy often do so by: Being kind and generous,. Believing that good things will happen in line with the law of attraction. 

Maintaing a sense of positive energy can have a number of benefits that include the abilty of coping with stress, increasing resilience and living a longer-healthier life. 

What is energy?

Quantum mechanics has taught us that even empty space contains energy. In physics, energy is the quantitative property that is transferred to a body or to a physical system, recognizable in the performance of work and in the form of heat and light. 

For scientists, energy is not really a thing and so isn’t made of something else, in the way a house is made of bricks. Energy is more like a capacity. Capacity is an ability to do something.

However, we all know it exists and everything is surrounded in energy.

What are Chakra?

we are made up of thousands of energy channels (known as nadis)and the main places these channels meet in the body are known as our chakras, aka an energy vortex. Running up the spine, from the pelvic area up to the crown of the head.  Our chakras relate to parts of the body and our emotions. 

Negative energy is negative thought that are trapped within a persons mind, creating negative emotions and negative actions. 

These negative emotions which can be of any kind, like fear, anger, jealousy, or even hate, cause people to behave negatively. 

Negative emotions and feelings can be the result of life traumas, mental health and negative experiences that can cause stress and anxiety.

Too much stress and anxiety is now believed to be the root cause of most illnesses and can have a devastating impact on the body causing ill-health and negative energy blockages within our chakra.


What do the colours of the Chakra represent?

There are a multitude of chakras that are within and outside the body, however most therapists/spirit mediums work with the seven main chakras that are within the body, each signified by colour.

Red is our root chakra located at the base of our spine. This is your power base and determines your ability to feel calm, safe and grounded. This is where we are able to pull energy and manifest our desires.

Orange is our sacral chakra located 2 inches below your belly button. It represents and governs your emotional state and sense of creativity. It is the source of sensitivity, sexuality, intimacy, and self expresson.

Yellow is our solar plexus chakra located between the navel and sternum and is indicitive of personal power, self esteem, confidence and intellect.

Green is our heart chakra located at the centre of our chest. The heart chakra is the source of love, integration and compassion. It represents the ability to give and recieve compassion, expansion, empathy, service, kindness, health and healing.

Blue is the throat chakra located at the base of  the throat to the centre of the eyes. It represents self-expression and clear communication. Blue indicates that someone who is intuitive, spiritual and a free thinker.

Indigo or purple is our third-eye chakra and is connected to subconscious knowledge and sensory perception. The third-eye is all about connecting to your intuition and inner vision. The third-eye is the chakra that mediums use to interact with spirit energy.

Violet or white is our crown chakra located at the centre of the top of the head. It radiates infinitely upward and outward, connecting you to your soul, higher self, purpose, the universe, source and the divine. It represents spirituality, enlightenment and consciousness.

What is Mediumship?

Working with universal spirit energy to deliver heart centred messages to humans living their earth life.

Earth life is our physical existence by which we are completely surrounded by energy.


Your time with me

My focus is always the wellbeing of anyone who chooses to have a treatment session with me. This time is all about you, working with energy healing and opening the chakras.

Opening the chakras allows energy to flow freely creating harmony and balance within the body.

This is a hands-on session utilising face and scalp massage with pressure point therapy that supports my connection to spirit whilst also working on the lymphatic system.

You are in a safe space that is private and confidential.

Spiritual feed back is given at the end.


Treatment session

Please allow an hour of your time with me. Sometimes sessions can run over so let me know if you have to be away promptly.


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